Our Story

Janara Jones is not just another Abaya brand. It is a place where fashion comes together with tradition. We believe that you can be bold and fierce even in modest clothing, express yourself through color and print. It is for women that want to be seen, be noticed, be unique. Janara Jones is for every woman in the World. 


"Originally from Kazakhstan, I moved to Dubai in 2010. That was the first time I saw abayas and kaftans and was fascinated by the local culture and traditional clothing. Out of respect for local traditions I started wearing modest clothes myself. I was faced with a challenge looking for modern designs and colors. There were not so many options. Having learnt how to sew from my grandmother, I bought a sewing machine and started making my own colorful abayas. Very soon women started asking me to make custom abayas for them. I immediately saw potential for this expanding market. That is when a dream of my own abaya brand was born." - Janara Jones, founder and designer of the brand.

Janara Jones is one of the first brands in the Middle East to offer abayas in very bright combinations of colors.

When Janara first started designing, her ideal customer was a young Muslim woman who likes to stand out and be fashionable.

But once she actually started advertising, she was pleasantly surprised to attract a lot of interest from non – Muslim women who are not culturally required to dress modestly. These include South American, European, Eastern European and Central Asian women.

She quickly realized that Modest Fashion is not a cultural thing anymore but rather an international phenomenon.

sustainability & craftmanship

I am an artist first and a fashion designer second, Janara Jones is more than just another abaya brand. It's a fusion of fashion and tradition, where boldness meets modesty. I see what is in trends nowadays and do the opposite of that. I like to wear colourful unique patterns and want to stand out from all. So I make exclusive bright and bold designs. We believe that women can be both bold and fierce even in modest clothing, expressing themselves through vibrant colours and prints. Janara Jones caters to women who want to be seen, noticed, and truly unique. It's a brand for every woman worldwide, transcending cultural boundaries and celebrating diversity.



One of the reasons why I started my own business is because I wanted to have an opportunity to give back and support others.

I regularly provide financial support to underprivileged children in my hometown in Kazakhstan as I used to be one of those kids myself.